Success Stories

B2B VPN services

Al Kathiri Motors brand has been present in the Saudi automotive market for over twenty years with its widespread marketing and assistance services for cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial vehicles.

Major challenges and objectives


A Yeastar S100 VoIP PBX System and IpTL Model 7111 Secure Network Gateway were deployed The S560 PBXs Has brought additional features of Call Center, Video Conferencing, and more while the IpTL Network Gateway has established secure remote access services.

The results and benefits

Connect all 12 branches together through a secured VPN gateway

Next-Level Call Management Efficiency and Flexibility

Time-Based Call Routing & IVR

Call Center Reporting

Tighter Team and More Efficient Intercommunication

Data Preservation of Legacy Phones

Centralized data base and servers

Generate daily and monthly reports at the click of button

Ability to access the retailer system from anywhere at any time

B2B VPN services

Al Dawayan Real Estate is a multi-dimensional property development Saudi group. It was founded fifty years ago with the aim to become a leading company and to innovate life through property and maximize investments in real estate.

Major challenges and objectives

Enable communication between the Headquarter and a property that was operating in an area where there’s no internet coverage.


Considering the requirements, we have introduced a combined solution of two technologies a Point-to-Point Microwave from a nearby fiber connection as the main internet line and Cellular 4G/5G as the backup line.

The results and benefits

Avoid the need of installing expensive internet services

Internet speed wasn’t comprised

Provided a backup internet in case the main line goes out of services.

Reasonable pricing

IP telephony (Call Centers Colocation services)

Founded in 1970 by Rodger Ford in the United States, AlphaGraphics began franchising in 1979 to reach more than 270 AlphaGraphics Centers across six countries. In 2017, AlphaGraphics became part of the global family of MBE Worldwide. Combined, there are nearly 2,800 locations in 53 countries.

Major challenges and objectives

Relocate the client’s existing call center to a new colocation facility in Egypt.


A Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX and IpTL Model 7111 Secure Network Gateway were deployed. The Call Center Solution included with the Yeastar S-Series PBX System was enabled, allowing the company to explore new opportunities to improve the current services, in the same time IpTL Network Gateway has established a secured connection between the two branches in Egypt and Saudi Arabia plus to Transferring all incoming calls to the new call center in Egypt.

The results and benefits

Moving the call center to Egypt has allowed the client to:

Reduce related call center cost by 40%

unify all call centers

no overhead charges

No extra charges on the call made to the call center for customers or the restaurant.

Ability to save and access call logs and records

Cyber Security

TELAL is local manufacturing company and one of the pioneers of developing outstanding drilling additives material for Saudi Aramco. Telal owns several patents of inventing new drilling additives.

Major challenges and objectives

Develop from scratch an environment that complies with the cybersecurity requirements in the Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002). The client had no software, hardware and documentation in place.


To acquire a Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC), form an approved auditing firm we set forth to apply and produce:

The results and benefits

Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate was accomplished

Compliance the Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002)

Resuming Aramco vendor approval process

Improve Cyber & Data Protection

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